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Things That Make Me Smile

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It Only Takes a Moment…

So, today I was planning to have this magical mish-mash of audio-visual moments that went right for me. Challenge #1 was “Count Your Blessings” which I chose to interpret as taking a moment to appreciate all the little things that worked for me over the course of a single day. Being my day off from work this was easier to do than one might suspect. Unfortunately I didn’t account for Quicktime not being nice to my MovieMaker. So until I can fix that and post a vidoe of my moments, I’ll simply throw up the post I began working on and hope you’ll be kind.

This is a list of things that went right for me today (you’ll notice I’m only doing the type-able stuff here).

  • my coupons printed right away
  • there was parking at the library near the door!
  • my books I wanted were waiting for me on the hold shelf
  • the store where I had to return a dvd player took it back with no arugments or fuss
  • the sky was a fantastic shade of blue- that always counts as a good thing to me
  • the puppies went willingly to their crate
  • I found a new litter poop scoop for under a dollar
  • I managed to get the 350+ photos on my SD card and the 250+ photos on my phone transferred onto my computer easy peasy
  • I found a hand-carved wax candle I really want to buy

None of this really needs a ta-da, but put it all together and it makes for a pretty awesome day. Tomorrow I’ll get my video up, but in the meantime why don’t all of you take the time to list a few things that made your day better? It makes a difference in the way you feel about your day. Focus on those moments. It’s kind of a nice change. Tomorrow we can all go back to lamenting having to roll out of bed.

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ANTM Cycle 13

When I heard there was going to be a cycle for girls 5’7 and under I was tempted to send in a video. I was going to proudly fight to change the face of reality TV by not falling into the cliches of “I’m the smart one” or “I’m not here to make friends” or use the dreaded “I’m doing this for my family. I can’t go back to the (Wal-Mart, Walgreens, strip joint)” lines. Then I remembered that I was twenty-eight (twenty-nine now), have mid-rise cheekbones, average skin can’t wield a hairdryer with any success. No chance in hell.


So, what does a poor man’s Brigitte Dale do instead? I built a dream team. I have chosen the girls I want to see in the top three- Jennifer, Laura and Nicole.


Who do I want to win? Laura, of course.

((Thats right. The bouncy, shiny one.))

((That's right. The bouncy, shiny one.))

I want to see her bouncing around like she just drank gummy-berry juice. And I really, really want to see Gramma Wanda Sue in the audience at Fashion Week. In fact, I want Gramma Wanda Sue to show at Fashion Week. Then Laura will always have work (not unlike Danny Elfman whenever Burton finds a script in which Depp can be creepy and hot all at the same time) and we’ll always get to see the amazingly high waisted pants that Gramma Wanda Sue can make.


What I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to see in the rest of the show is this:


I don’t know why the crazy “I love JESUS!” chick disappeared between casting and the makeovers, but damn was I glad she left. My guess as to her “personal issues”- prolonged inpatient treatment (involuntary, naturally) with hyper-religiosity and gardening hat detox. So where does all this leave us for the season? Thanking the heavens that Tyra is still bat-shit insane and that Nigel has stuck around as a judge.

I don’t plan to post something every episode- though nothing says I won’t. But this guy does it better than anyone. Seriously, I scared the cat laughing at his take on this cycle.

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