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If you want to drop me a line or have a question you don’t want the world to see, use the address below!


4 responses to “~Contact Me~

  1. Jason

    i never fail to be amazed when reading your blogs. just wish you’d write more often. it never occurs to me to go to facebook, but i guess i could communicate with you more easily there. who has time, though?

    i love you, sweetie.


    • Well, I’m a lazy little housewife now, so the posts should be happening more often. They’re a great way to procrastinate when writing. 😀

      • Jason

        am up wishing i could be asleep… and hungry to boot, but trying to lose weight… so sitting here, eagerly and fondly eyeing a bag of cheezits… yumm… would rather be eyeing a guacamole mushroom burger at carl’s, jr. (they are, after all, open 24 hours a day)…. but, where i was heading was to say, i read your posts (not nearly enough of them) and i hear your voice. it’s not the same as having a jenny b. hug, but it suffices… have been working hard this weekend, between pilgrim and here at home, relocating boxes of books there, working toward completion on the new master bath here… and wishing i had something thick, juicy, and hot to eat (read ribeye, medium rare).. did i tell you i was hungry? oh, well… was also going to the Our Lady of the Lake website to see what it would look like to get in there and take courses to allow me to get my counseling license… but wow!! $20,000… lessee now… how long would it take me to pay that off calculating the difference between what i make now and what i could make as a counselor… well.. just about in time for the 91st presidential inauguration… oh, well…. back to the old drawing board… ok.. going to go raid the fridge..see if there’s any watermelon left..

        love you, baby…


  2. Jason

    I like your video post. It does my heart good to see your face adn hear your voice all at the same time. Writing? Well, tons of techniques.. I’ve read (and found) that if I write the outline, then try to put meat on the bones, it still goes where it wants to go, but if I try to hold to the “musts” in the script, sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn’t. But, I was reading a book by .. Natalie Goldberg, I think.. and what she said was that she has a stack (or was it stacks adn stacks) of spiral binders that she had filled with random thoughts at different times. She would finish one and start another… she also set aside a little time eveyr day to just work on a particular idea… whatever it was.. until that idea eiether died on the vine, or finally was complted. she wrote “writing down the bones” and i think that was the book I read that in.. though I’ve read another of hers as well, don’t recall what it was…

    i always enjoy your writing.. i think you should try to get a freelance writing deal going with some underground or online outfit.. or even get more regular with your own blog.. you have a great wit.

    i love you, honey…


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