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As in, mine is dead. NaNoWriMo and my RP writing are both in a huge upswing right now (November is NaNo month) and the whole world seems to be kicking into creative high gear.

I, however, am sitting on my couch and watching NCIS reruns as I attempt to pretend I’m going to get any writing done. Meanwhile my story is sitting unwritten and all my RP partners are being VERY patient. If any of you are reading this, thanks.

The whole point of this post? I needed to feel productive today. Also, I really don’t want to go outside and clean up the puppy vomit I discovered in the backseat of my car today. Poor Boyo. He doesn’t do well in the car when Mommy is driving badly.

The poor baby.

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Who the Hell Owns a Blue Satin Sash?

I don’t just blog and go to work, you know. I am an avid internet junkie with a long – loooong – list of favorites. My bookmarks list is in fact so large as to be almost unmanageable. Challenge six is “Curate the Web,” in which I was planning to simply post a list of my bookmarks, but as I said it’s a loooong list, so rather than subject you to everything I have instead compiled a sampling of my uber-faves. I could call these the creme de la creme of my faves, bookmarks and blogroll, but that would just be pretentious.

Because blogging itself isn’t.

1. Pen-palling sites:

These sites are tons of fun for finding a penpal, paper and stickers to write your letters to your new penpal, or they may just be excessively pink sites to find the perfect gift for the anime/kawaii obsessed fan you’re friends with. Because no matter how much you like the color pink, Chocokitty or bishounen anime, there’s someone out there who makes you look like a noob and you will meet them.

2. Blogs on my blogroll:

  • www.brigittedale.com – I know you’re all probably tired of hearing about her from me, but she’s so dang cute! It takes a  woman secure in herself to openly admit an obsession with cupcakes and then hold a cupcake playoff to personally name the best cupcake bakery in LA. That’s bold. Bold.
  • www.FourFour.com – For the most part he’s merely chronicling the daily thoughts of a gay man as relates to the media, but he does it with panache. I started reading his blog because of my own obsession with ANTM (America’s Next Top Model). His recaps and crying counts make me snort out loud and his love/hate relationship with Tyra – not just the show or her judging, but Tyra herself – becomes as addictive as the show. I salivate at the thought of judging photos and have been known to yell at my poor husband when he blocks the tv before I’m done judging the photo myself.

    3. Reading/Books:

    Two great sites for fans of paranormal, futuristic and/or sci-fi erotic romance. You can either download the ebook (Samhain Pub even has some novellas for free) or purchase in paperback. Few of these books ever show up in bookstores because the ladies buying them are hardcore collectors (no, no pun). You may have to dig to find an author that fits your taste, and there are a few stinkers in there. I won’t lie to you. On the whole, though, these books are great and comprise the majority of my e-collection. Fabulous stories with sexy, manly men and engaging female leads. Huzzah.

    • Project Gutenburg – An interesting site where classics (some even in different languages) have been gathered for free download. There are some audio versions available for download as well, but they’re all read by volunteers so don’t expect James Earl Jones quality.
    • Monterey Public Library – The local library here in CA. The poor desk clerks must be starting to dread my requests lists.
    • Net Library – A site linked out of the SA Public Library system with hundreds of e-books and audio books for free download/checkout. They do have a shelf-life tied into licensing, but it’s easy to “re-check” a book, so if you have a card with the San Antonio libraries I highly recommend setting up an account.

    4. Roleplay:

    Great sites (one does require you to download a program to play) where I can be whatever I want so long as I can act the part. It’s a great way to break my writer’s block sometimes – although it’s not working too well at the moment. It’s sad when blogging becomes procrastination for writing.

    • www.lotro.com – Lord of the Rings Online. Lord. Of. The. Rings. On. Line. ‘Nuff said.

    5. Keeping in Touch:

    Twitter.com – Not only am I an active Tweeter, I follow Brigitte Dale, Felicia Day, Tyra Banks, Jamie Oliver and many many others. It’s an acceptable form of e-stalking.

    6. Wasting Time:

    Bubble Spinner – As addictive as popping bubble wrap with the added complexity of shooting pool. I can’t stop. I once spent fourteen hours – allow me to repeat, FOURTEEN HOURS – playing this game. Try it. I dare you.

    6. Do you remember card catalogues?

    Okay, this was going to be all about the awesomeness of Google, but is there really a need. You’ve seen. You know.

    And that, folks, in a nutshell, is how I spend the majority of my time online. I could lie and say I was doing something cooler like hunting wikipedia for new information to then confirm or deny through printed media at the library, but if I wiki it’s usually in search of information through Wookiepedia or the Encyclopedia of Arda (more LOTR right there). So, yeah. That’s what I do.

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