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When I woke up…

This morning the hubby and I stayed in bed – mostly because we were up late playing with our respective toys (we got him Arkham City!). So, when we finally crawled into bed after midnight we were both exhausted. Finally I crawled out of bed where he’s still asleep at the moment and as I came down the hall to the living room I saw this:

Yeah, my cedar chest is a mess… But flowers, soda and chocolate!! I know I’m going to get these presents when I wake up but it’s always exciting and a surprise. ¬†When does he get these things?! Where did he get them before I woke up at 7am?!

The coolest part of my birthday morning surprise though was my second birthday card. Yeah, that’s right. He bought me two.

Yay for the hubby!!!

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Things That Make Me Smile

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