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Summer is coming!


How are you?

How’ve you been?

Been a while, huh?

I’d love to say my absence was due to something awesome like fighting space nazis on the moon, but the truth is that I am boring and turned into a couch potato. On the upside, I maxed the leveling for my character in Mass Effect on 1 and 2, and am now working on 3.

Okay, so stuff did happen. I moved out of MD and am now living in CA. Yay! We’re too far north for truly hot beach weather, but it is pretty here when the fog isn’t obscuring my view of the ocean. Plus, wild turkeys everywhere.

I broke my ring finger in November, but it’s healing well. I can’t play volleyball again until July or August, but that just means I have time to focus on losing weight. I’ve seriously gained like 15 lbs since I last blogged. Yuck.

To help with the weight loss and strength/muscle gain, I’ve been doing strength training at the gym and running with the hubby, though I’m still only at 3k. Don’t worry. 5k isn’t far off. I also decided to start swimming again. I haven’t done that with any regularity since I was a teenager. I don’t feel comfortable rocking a 2-piece, though, so I bought a one piece and it’s fab!

Esther Williams!

Esther Williams!

It’s one of those rare finds that was totally worth the money. My biggest problem with swimsuits is the fit. My girls require a bit of support, and my upper torso doesn’t quite match my hips (which are definitely Italian childbearing hips), but this beauty works wonderfully! It’s also a quality make, so I don’t have to worry about busting a seam for the next couple of months as I work the flab off my butt (not pictured here).

So as soon as Aunt Flo heads back to Reno I’m heading to the pool!

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The Game Show Network is Evil

So! Long time no write, right? Haha! That, my friends, is a soft D joke, for those of you who’ve wondered what the heck Soft~D~ means.

I’d love to say that I haven’t been writing for the last month or so because I’ve been off doing such awesome stuff that I haven’t had time. The truth is, except for an awesome weekend in Vegas with my family and my anniversary weekend (two weeks apart in occurring) I’ve just been lazy. Okay, not just lazy. Hella lazy. Hells to the no lazy. Astronomically lazy. Practically inert.

Crazy, right? Who’d have ever thought I could be lazy.

I’ve been trying to examine the issue and figure out why I’ve been so lethargic and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  • One (or A): My house is too messy for me to feel energized. The lawn really, really needs to be mowed.
  • Two (or B): I haven’t indulged in any summer clothing retail therapy yet. I own only two dresses and neither say beach bunny. My inner Buffy is dying from the lack of thin eyelet cotton and pink nail polish.
  • Three (possibly C): My house is a mess. I know that technically this is a repeat of One, but the yard is seriously starting to bum me out. I have an old lawnmower in the garage, but when I say old I mean OLD. As in no power, only pushing and pulling. Bleh.

So I’m off to research how the heck to use it, then I’m gonna hit Old Navy for a sale. I’ve got a bit of money I can go shopping with (yay merit raises) and I’m gonna definitely paint my toes. I know that’s not very exciting, but I’m gonna have fun. Yay me!

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