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Perhaps Not “Geniuses”, but Not Bad…

So I had to take my Mac in to the store. I made an appointment and was seen by a Genius. After walking him through everything I had done to troubleshoot my Mac he told me I had done everything he would have done there at the store and it was time to send my computer off to the repair center.

Only problem, nothing was backed up since I needed all my random SD cards back for my phone and cameras.

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll just purchase this sixty-four dollars after tax 16GB thumb drive. It’ll be more than enough room for all my documents and music.”

Upside, it was more than enough room. Downside, the hard drive was so far gone that I was there through FIVE geniuses and their lunch breaks. I also left to get my husband from work at one point and went home so he could change into comfy clothes before heading back to pick up the drive. In the end, I had to give up on all the music. I got all my pics and documents thank heaven, but over 13GB of music was a wash. I was only able to rescue less than 2GB worth of songs from older backup discs and the external hard drive.

Still, I’m up and running now with a brand new hard drive and hopefully it should be smooth sailing from here. Whee.

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