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I’ve been sick the last couple of days. Therefore, my brain has been working a little differently. Because of this, I have updated my blip.tv account (http://jennyroberts.blip.tv/) to hold all my vids which means I’m now downloadable (is that a word?) on iTunes. Booyah.

When I find myself I’ll let you know.

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Rainy Day Blahs

It’s raining right now. Not a gentle spring rain or anything mild. We’re talking gusting winds and pelting rain that is bitterly cold. The kind of rain that makes you glad your toilet is inside and convinces you that you’d rather clean up the rug after the dog than take them outside. Sure, you could let them out and just call them in after a few minutes, but then they’d be all muddy and wet – and there’d probably be a new hole leading to Switzerland (aka. the neighbor’s yard).

It’s also the kind of rain that makes you sit in the parking lot at work and question how badly you need to eat. Do I really need a job? The answer is still yes, but damn it anyway. Trees taller than the parking lot is long are swaying like Cab Calloway is singing and I just can’t work up any enthusiasm about going in to work. Not that I have much enthusiasm about work in the first place, but it’s dang hard to want to be responsible when it’s all cold and wet and you’ve already had a conversation with one creepy guy in the coffee shop.

Now I get to go listen to the people I work with and the dumb bastards who feel the need to come out in this weather and shop. Or worse, nobody comes in and I spend the whole day trying to get the antiquated equipment in the store to work in preparation for the annual inventory.

I know everyone goes through these problems, and I realize that many people have done so day in and day out for decades. I just don’t want to anymore. I’m so sick of retail I could spit. Ptooey. There. See? I warned you.

Update: There was a board missing from my fence when I got home tonight and I didn’t notice it until the dogs had not only gone through that hole, but a hole in the next fence leading to the street. Damn it anyway.

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