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Think Like a Writer, Blog Like a Drunk-dial

In an effort to have more focused writing in my blogs, I’ve compiled a list of blogging challenges to tackle. The list is FORTY FIVE items that I’ve culled from the topics suggested in the book “No One Cares What You Had for Lunch” by Margaret Mason (half a lunchable and a stringcheese, FYI).

For those who might be interested I’m going to actually list (ten at a time) all of the challenges I intend to do, along with my interpretation of each. Maybe we can blog together! Mine will likely be a mixture of audio-visual media. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

 1. Count Your Blessings: A sweet list of things that have gone right.

 2. Examine Your Paperwork: Post an old story or journaling entry that is physically painful for you to read.

 3. Talk Back: Respond to something (an article or opinion in the news), seriously or otherwise.

 4. Transform Yourself: What bad habits do you want to dump? what good habits would you like to acquire?

 5. Get Nostalgic: What reminds you of your youth? Post a scan of a childhood craft or a vid clip of you as a kid being a kid.

 6. Curate the Web: Spread the love and link to other blogs you like to read, with your own little descriptions of each.

 7. Play Favorites: Make a list of favorites and summarize each in two sentences or less (movies, books and/or music).

 8. Act on Ceremony: Describe your family traditions. Describe another families tradition you’ve witnessed. What sort of tradition would you start?

 9. Watch Your Language: What are some words or phrases you love and think everyone should know and love? What old phrases do you think deserve a second chance?

 10. Fill the Gaps: Use a photo or an old book and wax poetic about what you remember of your life at the time you took/read it. (Is it appropriate to end a sentence with it?)

I’d like to take this chance to state that the topics are the “chapter” titles directly from the book. I may change them (probably will) as I write the blogs themselves, but I’ll be sure to give a nod to each so you can keep up. So, join me on this voyage of discovery as we all learn about ourselves and discover the joys and frustrations of attempting to make a web-vid without a Mac. Oh… that’s just me? Hell.

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