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Coffeehouse Complaints

I have a coffeehouse that I frequent. For those that know me, this is no surprise. I love my local Peet’s. It’s large and airy with a sort of mountain lodge decor happening. Located a mere thirty feet from the local bus station and transit center (two different places) I get to see the early morning crazies on a regular basis. My favorite is the very nice homeless man with the super-tiny beagle puppy. That dog is very well taken care of and uber pampered.

Peet's Coffee in Monterey, CA

The issues I have with this particular location:

  1. The manager (I’ll expound on this later)
  2. Customers who treat the shop like their living room.

In the interest of being contrary, I’ll start with #2. What on earth would possess a man to sit in public and spend half an hour hocking up loogey after loogey? Does he think it sounds like a symphony to the rest of us? No. No it doesn’t. Stop it. If you have a loogey issue, take it to the bathroom. Take it outside. Take it to freakin’ Narnia – that place needs a little grounding in reality – but take it the hell away from me and my first cup of coffee. I don’t want to hear that nasty noise, and I’m willing to bet the rest of the store doesn’t either. We all paid a ridiculous amount of money to not have to brew our own caffeine this morning. Don’t ruin it for us.

As for my first issues, the manager, all I can say is “What a dick.” Pardon my language, but seriously. How can a man who is so obviously not a people person be the manager at a coffee shop? He’s not only not a people person, he is actively rude and condescending to customers. I listened to him treat a grown man like a retarded child because the poor man had issues with the lock on the restroom door. Okay, manager guy, we get it. The doors and keys are labeled with corresponding numbers. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t have a genuine issue with the key working in the lock. Don’t assume that the man can’t tell A from B.

This isn’t the only gripe I have with him. Is there any need to boom a stage voice at 6:30 in the morning with no espresso currently being ground/brewed in an empty shop? This place doesn’t really start hopping until anout 7:30, when a louder voice is necessary. Inside voice until then, please.

I realize, thank you, that all this could be avoided by merely making coffee for myself at home, but really, I can’t. I come to this coffee shop only on the mornings when I am far from home after having dropped Ryan off for work. I have to be at work a mere two hours later and gas-wise it makes no sense to drive the twenty minutes home only to have to drive almost all the way back here to get myself to work. In the long run, it’s actually kind of cheaper to spend the two bucks once a week on a cup of coffee than do all that driving.

Now I just need to convince the coffee shop to make sure that only the female manager is on duty when I’m going to be coming in. I realize I can’t do much about the douche bags that insist on acting lik nobody can see them when they’re in public, but I can hope that they will realize how poorly they are acting.

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