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Day Nineteen: I Fail

Today is supposed to be a post about a talent of mine, but I fail.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about a talent to share that won’t get me beaten up on the playground, but all I can think of is the awesome of this photo (in the truly awed sense of the word, not the fratboy sense).

It is a shot captured of the riots in Egypt -an amazing example of what people can do when properly roused to action. It also makes me rather angry at the apathetic attitude of Americans. We have willfully given up our rights to change things we are unhappy with by subscribing to the laziness of “let someone else take care of it.”

We don’t vote, we no longer write to our reprisentatives, yet we get angered when these politicians we DON’T contact make decisions we don’t agree with. We want someone to fix our fat kids but we get mad when the government tells us to stop feeding them saturated fats and fast food. We want our kids to make it to voting age without STDs or babies, but raise holy hell when the educational system attempts to teach sex ed with some actual “ed.”

Most telling of all is our obsession with age appropriate materials. A boner in a cartoon gets all the moms insane (I still don’t see it, personally) and yet these same women are okay with books and shows like Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and Jersey Shore. Let’s get our shit together, America. Either sex sells everything from 5Star notebooks to cars, or sex is bad and should be hidden in the closet with that ugly sweater that we bought because it was on sale.

Don’t just bitch at your TV and radio, DO SOMETHING! No matter your political affiliation or personal beliefs on big bang versus God flicking a light switch, do something to take back the rights that you were granted as a citizen. Listen, read, pay attention and educate yourself. Vote! Then you have the right to bitch.

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