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Cleaning House (Sucks)

Why does it always feel like every step forward in my battle against clutter is met with two steps back in another room?

I do laundry and a million dishes appear. I wash those dishes and stacks of random papers form on my cedar chest. I clear out those stacks of paper only to notice a mountain of husband flotsam on my living room floor. Does it never end?!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying (and failing) to create a schedule for myself not unlike a work schedule. The trick is actually building one and then sticking to it. I think I might have an idea, so wish me luck! If I can’t get this house under control I may go batty.

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Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

What a crock. My Sunday morning was spent grocery shopping followed by rearranging living room furniture with the hubby and re-alphabetizing all our DVDs and games.

Why? ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

I’ve been considering doing my own version of a 50’s Housewife Challenge┬ábut the food is the main reason I’ve been holding off. As most of you know my hubby has to stick to a strict diet in order to maintain his weight for his job. Somehow I can’t help feeling that a meat mold is the best way to keep the calories down.

Oh, God... Why!!

My main interest in the challenge would be the housekeeping and the supporting your husband portions (though not in a creepy step ford way). Our home is tiny. TINY. We live in a mobile home that is a mere 12 x 60 that for some reason has a “second bedroom” in it. I’ve had closets bigger than this room.

The house is cute enough, and it’s all bought and paid for which is more than I can say for our car, but in the end it requires real effort to keep it clean because it is so small. Even the slightest hint of clutter can take a space from cozy to clutter-fucked in a matter of seconds. So, if I do decide to take the housekeeping challenge (minus the snazzy clothes and jello-molds) I’ll be sure to document it all for your watching/reading pleasure. Who knows – maybe my house will be under control for once.

Also, does anyone have an idea how to multitask a cedar chest without using it as a coffee table or entertainment center?

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