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I Know, Cute Right?

So I got a haircut last week. It’s taken me a while to blog about it or take a picture of it (normally the first thing my sister and I do when we get a new hairdo) but today I realized my hair was kind of cute.

At first, as soon as my hairdresser was done cutting and styling I hated it. I hated it so much I came close to tears, but I smiled and tipped her (because she did a good job objectively speaking) and left the salon. My friend smiled and told me I looked cute. I just kept smoothing down various sections. You see, I am curesed when it comes to stylists. Male stylists love to play with my hair. They part it on one side, then the other. They scrunch up the curls while it’s wet then blow it out and flat iron me to silky perfection. Ahh…

Female hairstylists? Female stylists that aren’t my sister? Bitches. They barely speak English, they never quite do what I ask for and then they style me so I look like I’m about to accept a Country Music Award for Best New Artist. Yeah, that’s right. Down to the exact reward.

Today, however I woke up and took down the braids I slept in and my hair was adorable. Then I got dressed in an outfit to match my new boots – every girl does it. You know you do. Anyway, I decided to take a half-hour and straighten my hair and realized that my new ‘do is actually very cute.

That's right. Even the bangs are working!

So, I guess the moral may be that you can’t judge a haircut by the style foisted on you by a tiny Asian stylist, but the moral I’m taking away is this: DON’T GIVE JENNY BIG HAIR! SHE HATES IT!!

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You’re Fired!

For Challenge 3 – “Talk Back” – I had planned on this long rant about the 24k gold PS3 recently released. It sells for approximately $4000 and I’m cheesed off just thinking about it. However, *calming breath* I have decided to focus on something that happened to me yesterday instead.

I tried a new hairstyle – sans mirror (I think this is an important piece of information) – done entirely with bobbypins. I’ve done variations on this style before but this time I tried to throw in a side part. A deep side part. At the end of the workday I stepped into the restroom to make sure there was no ravioli on my nose or something and realized I was sporting a massive Donal Trump-like comboverish ‘do. It (this is how I will refer to said Trump ‘do for the rest of the post) was awful!

"In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish." Oddly profound coming from The Donald.

So here’s my Talk Back. Why doesn’t anyone let me know when I’m sporting a hairstyle that makes me look like a sixty-year-old business tycoon. In a bad way. Shouldn’t there be some sort of Bro code for women that makes it perfectly permissible for one of us to tell another when she’s made a serious fashion no-no without us fearing they’ll be offended? I’m not sure about the rest of you but I want to know when I look like , as my sister would say, A Hot Mess. Yeah, it needed to be capitalized. The whole point, I thought, of shows like What Not To Wear and How Do I Look was to make us all more conscious of how our appearance on a daily basis affects how people perceive us. So, if someone is obviously trying for this :

and comes out looking like this:

or this:

shouldn’t we be able to pull them aside and help? Could that be considered a donation to Dress for Success (a fantastic charity, btw)?

I just think that it’s a shame that we as a nationn have become so tshirt and jeans in our appearance that even our attitudes have become cotton casual. Not that there’s a problem with tshirt and jeans, I rock the look myself. All I’m asking is that we do it with aplomb. As I attempt to “Audrey” myself in style and attitude I’m discovering more and more just how far from true style and grace my casual approach to fashion was affecting my approach to life. It’s only natural that I will stumble from time to time on my road to Classic Elegance. But, when I do fall into It, the quagmire of the full head of hair combover please, please, please! Tell me. Point me to the nearest mirror and suggest I fix It or something of a helpful nature.

You know, there’s this girl I work with who is constantly a walking fashion plate. I see her shoes or her cute little dresses and I want to steal them and then go shopping. What I have to remind myself is that even in her three inch heels, she still only comes to my nose and that if I were to dress like her on a constant basis I would suddenly be 5’8″ and I’d have to straighten my hair everyday. Oh, wait, that’s the look I’m working toward. My point here is that she somehow never seems to have these fashion don’ts happen and I want that same self assurance.

But even she said nothing about It. And that makes me wonder if I’m the only one who saw the Trump of It (even though the hubby agreed when I explained why I was twisting in my chair to catch the light as I took a picture of myself last night) when it so obvious! Of course, I always seem to work with the same people who find glittery Jesus coin banks “Fly.”

So, what I’m trying to get to is that I think we as a people need to empower ourselves to stop fashion don’ts. Would you tell someone they were a fashion no if you knew you could do so without fear of repurcussion or arguing? Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Talk back yourself and let me know. Would you want to be told if you were a no? Have you ever told someone and it worked, or just blew up in your face? Let me know.

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Grow It- Show It- HAIR!

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my hair. It’s growing out from a bob where it was shorter in the back and had almost Aeon Flux tips at the front (complete with the curl). Now, however, it’s time to get some structure back into the hair as I get the dead ends trimmed. In order to better know what I wanted I created a hairdo collage- most of them from a virtual makeover site using the pic of myself from below. 

Int the interest of sharing the fun, I’m posting the options I thought most flattering. What I didn’t save was the Little Orphan Annie gone goth ‘do I gave myself at one point. My sister thought it looked great, but all I could think was “Hey Mr. Kott-eh. I brought a note from my mom.” 

Kinda cute, right?

The first two were found in random searches, though I know the second look is from the Tabatha portfolio. I know because I squealed like a schoolgirl because I love her show “Salon Takeover.”  *grin* 


This second look is obviously a little more woman than I can handle. I’m not sure that without the color I could do the cut, but who knows? What I know for sure, I’ll need a 1.5″ flatiron (preferably a Chi) and an extra hour each morning. But that’s the point! Remake myself to take time on myself. The rest of these are me with different hair. Some of these are from www.lhj.com and others are from the Mary Kay site. I’ll let you guess which are which. They’re gonna be rapid fire now. You ready?


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