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Flour, Butter and Sugar. Nom.

So, yesterday I made this:

Not pictured: flour behind my ear and in my hair.

This is my second attempt at making shortbread and it’s still not right but my poor husband came home right as they were just finishing in the oven. The house smelled of sweet buttery goodness and my poor hungry husband realized he wouldn’t be able to eat any of them. Why? He’s on a diet.

Yeah, I’m a bastard.

I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen to discover my cookie tin sitting next to the pan. A small, subtle reminder from my loving hubby to put the shortbread away. So now I have a full cookie tin and a full biscotti jar because I apparently chose the “shit-ton” recipe.

This isn’t really about what a jackass I am but I had to take off my watch and wedding rings to knead the dough but forgot to put them on after I got cleaned up. Being lazy I spent the entire night trying to adjust rings and a watch that weren’t there. At one point the hubby suggested I get up and put them on but I would have had to get up and at the time I was playing a video game… Yeah.

But it struck me how empty my finger looked without the rings and this morning when I finally put them back on it felt so right. And that’s how I fell in love all over again with my husband twice in the last twenty-four hours.

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Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

What a crock. My Sunday morning was spent grocery shopping followed by rearranging living room furniture with the hubby and re-alphabetizing all our DVDs and games.

Why? ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

I’ve been considering doing my own version of a 50’s Housewife Challenge but the food is the main reason I’ve been holding off. As most of you know my hubby has to stick to a strict diet in order to maintain his weight for his job. Somehow I can’t help feeling that a meat mold is the best way to keep the calories down.

Oh, God... Why!!

My main interest in the challenge would be the housekeeping and the supporting your husband portions (though not in a creepy step ford way). Our home is tiny. TINY. We live in a mobile home that is a mere 12 x 60 that for some reason has a “second bedroom” in it. I’ve had closets bigger than this room.

The house is cute enough, and it’s all bought and paid for which is more than I can say for our car, but in the end it requires real effort to keep it clean because it is so small. Even the slightest hint of clutter can take a space from cozy to clutter-fucked in a matter of seconds. So, if I do decide to take the housekeeping challenge (minus the snazzy clothes and jello-molds) I’ll be sure to document it all for your watching/reading pleasure. Who knows – maybe my house will be under control for once.

Also, does anyone have an idea how to multitask a cedar chest without using it as a coffee table or entertainment center?

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