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Did you ever notice??

There are moments in life that make you realize how un-adult you are. Sometimes it’s a large event like going to Disneyland. I’ve been. Sometimes it’s getting that easy-bake oven you’ve wanted since you were five. I had one so I’m good. So were the cakes. Every now and then it’s something simple and horrifying. A cockroach.

For my money there is nothing more terrifying than a cockroach- no matter the size- and I don’t care what kind it is, how rare it is or how nice it might look with rhinestones and a leash (thanks Tyra Banks for THAT nightmare fuel). A roach is a roach and unless it’s the ass end of a joint that bastard has to die. The un-adult problem starts once it’s dead because then I have a tiny icky body to dispose of and no husband or sister around to take care of it for me. So here I am with a dead cockroach that needs disposing of and I’m alone.

The solution was a well placed paper towel and the trashcan pressed against the counter. Well, to be honest it also involved my dish gloves and a cardboard box so I wouldn’t have to touch the paper towels covering the bug as I slid the bastard bug into the trash.

Of course, the biggest problem with seeing and killing a roach is that it’s just the tip of the icky iceberg. Now I must clean, bleach and scrub every surface in my kitchen. This includes clearing out every drawer and cabinet , buying even more bug traps and spraying every crack with buggy death in a bottle. The only thing that would make it all better would be new PopD podcasts since I’ve recently re-read every Crusie novel and you can’t read while you scrub. I suppose I could get some books on tape, but a man reading Krentz is the best I’ve ever heard and frankly you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a man in his sixties reading the female dialogue in a sassy romance novel.

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That Takes Me Back…

I went to the library today. I found a couple of CDs that are pretty cool, but the reason I mention this trip is that I used the restroom. No, not in a ta-da! kind of used the restroom. The scent of the ladies room was faintly urine-y with a definite hint of moldy tile, and for some reason this scent brought back the memory of the restroom the fourth and fifth graders shared in my elementary school.

St. Anthony’s held grades one through eight in a  two-story brick building. The basement was the cafeteria/auditorium/chapel for Friday mass. The first floor had the admin and nurse’s offices and four classrooms used for grades one through three. The second floor had four classrooms for grades six through eight and they got the coolest things- lockers. The two extra classrooms (for those who did the math) were labs, one was bio and chem for the “upperclassmen” and the other was a reading lab for the first three grades, rather than housing the students in fourth and fifth grade.

The fourth and fifth graders were instead banished to the other side of the playground to the red brick library building. In all weather we crossed that cement (that’s right, cement) playground and climbed the rusty fire escape that led to the cloakroom we all shared before heading to our respective classes.

All this by way of saying, there’s something about the smell of a tiled restroom with the lingering odor of not quite cleaned up urine that takes me back to elementary school. I did my business and got out quick. {{shudder}}

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