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For Me? It’s Not Even Thanksgiving!

I woke up to an odd sound yesterday but it couldn’t have been what I thought it was, could it? I rolled out of bed and got dressed, then headed to the bathroom to do my hair. There it is again. That is a weird echo on that barking dog… Later on, making tea and damn my eyes if I don’t hear it again!

At this point I notice the dogs are going nuts trying to peek through the blinds, so I head to the kitchen window and take a look myself. Holy crackers with cheese!

Apparently wild turkeys are abundant in the Fort Ord and Marina area, along with gigantic shaggy deer in Monterey and coyotes all over the dunes. It’s an amazing show of wildlife here. You may have noticed that all these photos were taken through a rather tall chain link fence. Suck it. There’s no way in hell I was getting closer to these gigantic wild turkeys than I would an ostrich without a protective layer of something between us. At least, not unless they were dead and plucked and ready to be stuffed. Nom.


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