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Things That Make Me Smile

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It Only Takes a Moment…

So, today I was planning to have this magical mish-mash of audio-visual moments that went right for me. Challenge #1 was “Count Your Blessings” which┬áI chose to interpret as taking a moment to appreciate all the little things that worked for me over the course of a single day. Being my day off from work this was easier to do than one might suspect. Unfortunately I didn’t account for Quicktime not being nice to my MovieMaker. So until I can fix that and post a vidoe of my moments, I’ll simply throw up the post I began working on and hope you’ll be kind.

This is a list of things that went right for me today (you’ll notice I’m only doing the type-able stuff here).

  • my coupons printed right away
  • there was parking at the library near the door!
  • my books I wanted were waiting for me on the hold shelf
  • the store where I had to return a dvd player took it back with no arugments or fuss
  • the sky was a fantastic shade of blue- that always counts as a good thing to me
  • the puppies went willingly to their crate
  • I found a new litter poop scoop for under a dollar
  • I managed to get the 350+ photos on my SD card and the 250+ photos on my phone transferred onto my computer easy peasy
  • I found a hand-carved wax candle I really want to buy

None of this really needs a ta-da, but put it all together and it makes for a pretty awesome day. Tomorrow I’ll get my video up, but in the meantime why don’t all of you take the time to list a few things that made your day better? It makes a difference in the way you feel about your day. Focus on those moments. It’s kind of a nice change. Tomorrow we can all go back to lamenting having to roll out of bed.

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Loving the Furry Babies

Today is just for the furry babies. I love my pets.

Miss Kitty!100_0435

Babykins. Worship him.100_0429

Molly. She is missed. 2001-20081028072114a

Boyo (left) and Sampson (right). I think they eloped at some point.0807091639

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