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Who Needs Things You Can’t Unsee?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks over this particular challenge. The challenge is called “Play Favorites”, wherein I was supposed to list my favorite things and add a few lines about each. I tried books, music, movies, mixtures of the three… The lists quickly became unmanageable and tangential. Then inspiration struck! My YouTube favorites!

So, without further ado here is a list of my YouTube favorites (in a method to the madness kind of order) more by category than a pure list.

1. Any list of favorites I make has to start with videos including Ryan Wieber, and of his videos the top are RvD2 and RvB2. For those not in the know those initials stand for Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 and Ryan vs. Brandon 2. These videos are works of pure awesome. Fair warning, RvB2 has a tweotch of a cliffhanger ending, complete with a brightly colored “To Be Continued” screen right before credits roll. Bastards.

2. Let’s just put all videos in which a kitten/ puppy/ baby animal/ baby falls asleep slowly in this slot. Trite, cliche and uber girly, but oh, so adorable!

3. Same list of living creatures in number two dreaming – preferably with funny noises, kicking limbs. Extra points for drool bubbles or the tip of the tongue sticking out.

4. The Mean Kitty Song – It reminds me of my buddy Matt and my cat, Miss Kitty.

5. Movie parodies – The best are Dark Knight and New Moon. Hilarious.

6. Turf – This is perfection. Kung fu action, comedy, pink polka-dot panties and a dash of anime style.

7. The deer playing in a puddle. Not technically a YouTube video (when it was sent to me), but it has since made it onto YouTube and was so awesome I feel compelled to add it to this list.

8. Videos of kittens/cats playing with boxes.  If there were a list below this particular category it would be topped by two vids – whack-a-kitty and the fat cat trying to hide in a tiny box.

9. Wimpy Boy Bands. These short vids had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. The best, though (in my opinion), are as follows: Singing Showdown, En Espanol, First Boy Band Ever

10. Art of the Saber – This one feels a little disjointed because there’s no backstory beyond an overly dramatic VO monologue, but still it’s pure awesome. Two obviously talented martial artists engaged in a kung fu style lightsaber duel. Sweet.

Yes, I realize that far too many of these contained tiny kittens or moments of pure nerd. Face it, gang, that’s me: puppies, kittens, ligtsabers and MMO jokes. Could be worse… My entire post could have just been this:

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