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A Text Chain-Letter That’s Actually Fun?!

Say it ain’t so! And yet it is. I received a text chain-letter from a friend. The letter?

Pick the fourth picture in your phone, no matter what it is, then send this challenge along. See what you get!

So I sent back and forwarded and here were the results.

This is what I sent. BABYKINS!!!

My mom's new pup, Suzie.

You can't really tell, but it's Miss Kitty in a bag. Ryan sent me this. Squee!

Amy sent me this one. I kinda hear the crazy groundhog music…

Try this with your pals, it was really fun! I was surprised how much I looked forward to getting these pics. Those who didn’t send me a pic – and you know who you are – why you wanna break my heart?

That’s right. Wayne’s World lyrics to express my sadness.


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