So, I’m still here…

Holy crap. A year. It’s been a year since I posted and it’s amazing how much has changed.


This motivational shit ain’t how it went down.

So, a month after my last post I discovered I was WITH CHILD! I’m barely bouncing back from the foot issue and suddenly I’m pregnant. So long, dreams of running 5k. So long, dreams of work. So long, staying awake! I didn’t suffer the sitcom-esque morning sickness that I know many women are afflicted with, but man was I tired. I slept like a teenage boy on summer vacation. So much sleep.

Compounding the discovery of my impending spawn was the decision to purchase a home. We literally closed on the house the week we found out, and suddenly what seemed like a logical next step for housing became ADULT STUFF. The stuff grown ups do. House, baby, property taxes, escrow!! All those words you associate with mom jeans and ties for father’s day…


Who are these people? Why are they so happy? Why are they so white? Is someone forcing them to wear pastels? The longer I look at them, the more I’m sure there’s someone off camera forcing them to smile at gunpoint…

Now, a year after my intended list (so much for that shit), I live in my own home. I have a three month old sleeping in his bassinet as I enjoy a morning cup of decaf (darn boob juice) and bake some banana bread for breakfast while listening to jazz. And oh, the posts that are coming.

On your marks.

Get set.



This show is just the best. Seriously. Mary Berry is a fucking treasure and Paul Hollywood haunts my bread…

No, I’m not in the tent. First off, I’m American. Secondly, the commute each weekend would kill me! But, I am engaging in my own ten week baking challenge (with other stuff thrown in here and there.

The hubs and I have each chosen five dessert recipes that we will make for the coming week. Interspersed with these challenging sweets, I will be baking other recipes and documenting their success, challenge level and possible failures here. Woot! So, pull out your treadmills, dust off your ellipticals and re-lace your gym shoes. It’s baking time.


You didn’t really think you’d escape a picture of my spawn, did you? BASK IN THE ADORABLE!



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