Oh yeah, baking! Or… frying, as the case may be.

Gulab Jamun

Our first foray into making dessert for the week has been one of my choices, Gulab Jamun. Or, as my “Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking” book calls them, “doughnut rounds in rose syrup.” I think I prefer the proper name… It sounds less like fried hush puppies in syrup.

To begin with, the recipe and instructions.

gulab jamun

Ignore my poor handwriting.

Yeah, I’m that lazy. I didn’t even scan that shit in. Phone camera, baby!

So, as you can tell from the handwritten notes, things didn’t quite go to plan. To begin with, we made a double batch which necessitated an emergency run to the store for more dry milk. We were about a quarter cup shy. So, while the hubs made the run, I started on the syrup. It boiled, but I think it should have maybe boiled for a minute or so before I followed the recipe’s order to turn it down to medium.

Also, we used rose water instead of rose essence, because that’s what Wegmans had. I am not hunting through Baltimore and DC for rose essence. The recipe said to use 1 tsp rose water per ½ tsp of essence, but I just used ½ tsp of the rose water… because I didn’t notice that instruction (on the picture page!) until after everything was done.

Hubs got back with more milk, a different brand and texture, but whatevs, and we mixed up the dough. Dry. Crumbly. Impossibly tiny balls. A single batch makes twelve. I managed twelve with a double batch, then divided each shooter marble-sized ball into normal marble-sized balls.

I also didn’t have quite enough veg oil, so in went a few tbsp of cooking veg lard. Good ol’ Crisco.


No, I didn’t paint the kitchen avocado, despite my use of Crisco…

I was delighted to discover that they puff during frying, and puff further while soaking up the “essence” syrup for three hours. By the time all was said and done we had delicious Gulab Jamun the size of ping pong balls in golden rose scented syrup. We’ve kept ourselves to three per night to keep from overdoing them, and with a night out last night, we just might make it all the way to Friday! Maybe I’ll actually make Indian food on Friday for our last night of this dessert.

Mmm… Tikka masala.

Et voila! Our Gulab Jamun.


Oh, yeah. We made those! Go make your own!


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