I Know, Cute Right?

So I got a haircut last week. It’s taken me a while to blog about it or take a picture of it (normally the first thing my sister and I do when we get a new hairdo) but today I realized my hair was kind of cute.

At first, as soon as my hairdresser was done cutting and styling I hated it. I hated it so much I came close to tears, but I smiled and tipped her (because she did a good job objectively speaking) and left the salon. My friend smiled and told me I looked cute. I just kept smoothing down various sections. You see, I am curesed when it comes to stylists. Male stylists love to play with my hair. They part it on one side, then the other. They scrunch up the curls while it’s wet then blow it out and flat iron me to silky perfection. Ahh…

Female hairstylists? Female stylists that aren’t my sister? Bitches. They barely speak English, they never quite do what I ask for and then they style me so I look like I’m about to accept a Country Music Award for Best New Artist. Yeah, that’s right. Down to the exact reward.

Today, however I woke up and took down the braids I slept in and my hair was adorable. Then I got dressed in an outfit to match my new boots – every girl does it. You know you do. Anyway, I decided to take a half-hour and straighten my hair and realized that my new ‘do is actually very cute.

That's right. Even the bangs are working!

So, I guess the moral may be that you can’t judge a haircut by the style foisted on you by a tiny Asian stylist, but the moral I’m taking away is this: DON’T GIVE JENNY BIG HAIR! SHE HATES IT!!


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