Lady Rage Rises Again!

I think I may have to beg an artist to create a rendition of my alter ego, Lady Rage. I need a visual representation of my feminist rage.

Okay, there’s a lot wrong with this commercial – starting with the fact that it’s for McDonalds. But the thing that has Lady Rage rearing her head and lightning flying from her fingertips (you know, just a suggestion for her pose random artist reading this) is the litany of cutesy nicknames this crazy-eyes chick keeps tossing at her boyfriend.

I’m NOT saying that women never make up a nickname for their man. I have a couple for my hubby – that I won’t share because he reads this sometimes and would yell at me. My point here, though, is that I only have a very few and all of them have a history or a story behind them. They aren’t just random or chosen because they sound cute, which seems to be the case here.

I can only assume this commercial was written without the influence of a woman and is the newest in the “man-cave” movement. I don’t think I need to Lady Rage for another four hundred words on my issues with this movement, but I would like to make a plea that male writers please leave their think tanks and go outside. Talk to a woman. A real woman, not one of those 800-number ladies, and please realize that we aren’t all psycho hose-beasts. Please. Don’t force Lady Rage to take over my body.


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