Flepic Pail…

Not every post works. Just sayin’. Sometimes I try something new and I think it’s awesome in the moment. Then reality steps in to pimp slap me and I’m forced to admit that what I just did dosn’t work. At all.

This doesn't work. Can you see why?

So I hide deep in the recesses of my external hard drive, never to be seen again. For those who remember my last vid (the “movie” idea) you should know that that particular post was a fail on my part. It ain’t gonna happen. Not because I decided it was a bad idea, but because it was turning into a Riff-Trax/Down In Front style thing that would have required too much effort on my your part to pull off.

Fortunately I’ve been bitten by the decoration bug and after having moved everything to this new URL (complete with new background and banner)! Brainstorming for future posts is going on as well.

For now, though, I direct you here for some hilarious reading.


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