Gas Chromatograph Mass-Spectrometer

So… episode four happened. Yeah. Okay, before we start in on the Kayla incident, what the FUCK was up with the Spencer & Sarah moment? Fuck you Virgin Mobile for making me watch that. It was bad enough when Bianca and Laura were doing their little chats at the end of each episode to break down the model action on a previous cycle, but this was just – I mean, come on! I’m calling bullshit. I didn’t give a shit about these two when they were on The Hills. Hell, I didn’t give a shit about The Hills!

Fucking reality TV making faux celebrities. Why are you wasting my time with these people when I could be watching more Top Model?! ((Anyone who missed the sarcasm there, go beat yourself with the duh stick.))

All right. That’s out of my system, so now we can start on the Kayla drama. First off, ladies and gentlemen. If you are already suffering from a strangely racing heart and it won’t calm down – DON’T TAKE PILLS! Nothing. Not an aspirin. It’s just a bad idea. I hope a doctor in the ER yelled at her good for hoping Ibuprofin would help her palpitations. That said, I was really impressed with Bianca’s ability to actually do something when Kayla began to hyperventilate and vomit. 

Over half a dozen girls standing around a vomiting chick wheezing like Whinnie the Pooh stuck in a hole and only one girl thought “Hey, we might want to call someone for an ambulance. This shit’s getting real.”

I said I liked blood. When did vomit enter the discussion?

But, Kayla came home hale and hearty a few hours later, so I’m done being worried about her. But yay to Laura for going with her to the hospital! There’s a friend. You go Wanda Sue’s legacy!

Y'all will not believe how much this bitch threw up after we left!

Oh, my lordy the teaching challenge! Wow. Just wow. Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that the few cold line reads I’ve done in my life were in no way magical. Or good. Or… Well, I sucked at it. That’s why I blog now. I’m not saying that’s why all bloggers blog, only that that’s my personal origin story. Ahem. *cough* Anyway –

Props to Angelea and Bre for getting the not that hard medical terminology, but what the hell was up with the rest of these girls? The words sound the way they’re spelled! It’s not like they had to say Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton (though I’m sure these twitches can get those names out)! I could break the fail down but it frankly just makes me too sad. Instead I’m gonna focus on the curse bomb of fail that was Lisa. I don’t like her – never have, never will – but she reached a whole new level of “bitch please” with the whining and cop out excuses this challenge.

Who cares if you haven’t read the script for an hour an a half? Whose fault is that? I don’t remember anyone saying “Scripts down after five minutes and no touching after that!” (If I’m wrong about that let me know.)

And her hair! What is that ball of crazy doing to her hair?! I know she got that short choppy thing for a reason, but why is she curling it like an aging drag queen’s Doris Day wig? Does she really look in the mirror each morning and think to herself “nailed it”?

Like, for real. More hairspray and gel, yo.

Just when I thought Bianca might not be that bad, she goes and pulls that photo shoot bullshit too! “Out of all the girls here, I’m the model.” Seriously? You’re going to say that and then do that lame work you were doing? I don’t care if the real world of modeling doesn’t give you a word to express (get it? Express!) through your modeling for a shoot. This is ANTM bitch. Get with the Tyra program and project that brief like the little Tyra-let you are! You KNEW what this shit was gonna work when you signed on for this. Don’t be flipping’ your hair and rollin’ your eyes at the Trya-ality you find yourself living in now. I thought I might die when Mr. Jay said “You just missed the model boat.”

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Once again you fail by not failing to fail. (Love you Weezer! you’re safe!) She bored Jay, she bored Lisa Gavales and she bored the hell out of the male models. I’ve never seen three beautiful men so bored by a half dressed woman before. It was like all the Viagra went out of the world and they were faced with a life of only Murphy Brown reruns and the Oprah channel for entertainment. (Is there an Oprah channel? I’m sure it’s in the works if there isn’t yet.)

Please. I ain't touching that.

My agent is SOOO fucking fired.

Will we get in trouble if we just let go?

Not only were these poor men bored as hell, they were scared of her crazy rubbing off on them. You could almost see them cringe when they had to pick her up. They obviously wanted to ask if the crazy and the bad modeling was infectious, but they were just too polite to say anything. They probably cleaned off with Lysol and therapy after that shoot.

You know you've fucked up if you've bored Camille (otherwise known as Beige).

Moving on to something happy though, I really hope the house of Wanda Sue couture opens soon. Laura is just the most adorable thing ever and Wanda Sue’s clothes are fantastic. I love me a granny with a sewing machine and a Buttericks pattern book.

I'll take two, Miss Wanda Sue.

But what the hell was up with Dominique’s hair?! Her entire look for judging was gawd-awful, but the hair was by far the worst part.

Oh, God! The 80s pimp-slapped me into the future!

That hoochified half ponytail on the very top of her head was just so… 1996. I remember my sister’s school picture looking like that for a couple of years in the mid nineties. She had the same crunchy curls and that half ponytail on the top of the head.

I get Tyraed of holding my eyebrow up all the time. The hair gots ta help.

The only thing Dominique was missing was beige lips with dark eyeliner and big bangs formed around the Aquanet can. Whoo… I need to breathe for a moment… Middle school flashbacks hurt.

Lisa and Camille in the bottom two was no surprise. I always hated how they kept Camille around her first go around while sending MUCH better models home and it was no different this time. Camille reminds Tyra of the bastard model baby she and Iman could have if science and Republicans would just cooperate. It’s just a shame Sheena and Brittany got screwed so Camille could bore the hell out of us all for a few more weeks. This week’s elimination pretty much left me bored. I want both Lisa and Camille gone so it didn’t matter to me which one got voted off the pretty island. I admit I would have preferred Lisa getting the boot over Camille, but Camille was too boring. Her big drama was a box of bills. You knew that bitch was get gone.


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