It’s a Caffeine Kind of Day

I am sorry to say there will be no video today.

Last night we were awakened at 2:30 a.m. by the police. They were evacuating our neighborhood due to a bomb threat at a neighbor’s house. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but we weren’t allowed to drive away because the cops were afraid the vibrations from the ignition might set one of the devices off. Did I mention it was 17 degrees outside?

So, the puppies, the cats, the hubby and I froze our butts off for over an hour before we snuck back into the house.

I haven’t hit up any of the neighbors for the gossip on how it all went down, but it was after 4 a.m. before I heard the people next door come home.

If all that weren’t enough, when the cops woke us up we discovered the water wasn’t running and it didn’t return until after noon today. So, yeah. No video and no explosions. *sigh*




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4 responses to “It’s a Caffeine Kind of Day

  1. Seth

    Did the pipes just freeze up since it was so cold? That garbage about the vibrations is incredibly stupid. Wouldn’t all the police vehicles driving up, and people running around, and doors shutting have done that?

    • We think there may have been a small ice blockage somewhere since the water turned back on once the sun got on the side of the house with the external pipes.

      I completely agree with the nonsense about vibrations. Surely the firetruck at least would have been an issue, not to mention the half-dozen police cars, ambulance and bomb squad bus all sitting around with their engines running. A poorly planned and poorer executed evacuation.

  2. Quetha

    Glad you all are ok, though. I have to say is must have been quite a sight with all of you doing the “John Belushi” sneak back home LOL

    • It was more of a Buster Keaton than Belushi… My slippers kept falling off and I’d have to run up and down the stairs barefoot in the dark to retrieve them.

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