Day Nine: A Picture You Took

I don’t like cake. I want to like cake, but I don’t. I’m not too wild about cookies either. Or ice cream…

Today’s writing challenge is to blog about a picture I had taken. I have hundreds of photos, pictures, snapshots and images that I’ve taken or collected over the years. Yet I have nothing that stands out; nothing that makes me feel.

It makes me think about my other artistic endeavors- my writing and the few paintings I’ve done. None of it seems to evoke any sort of emotion, and I can’t help wondering if my efforts are like the cupcake in the photo. Sweet, pretty, interesting, not bad in flavor or texture but lacking substance overall. And thoughts like that lead me to shove everything I’ve started into a file and start looking around for something else to do with my time.

I want to write. I have stories I want to tell. The question is finding a way to tell them that makes me feel like I’m making pork chops instead of profiteroles.


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