Day Eight: Photo Inspired Anger

I’m sure none of us watch Jersey Shore (please, God, let that be true), so I’m not sure anyone knows who this charming example of “guidette” culture is:

This is Snooki. I never thought there would be a celebrity more useless and common than Paris Hilton or any of the Kardashians, but Snooki has pulled it off. To add insult to injury this Mini Me self-acclaimed “guidette” not of Italian descent has a book out.

Allow me to repeat that. SHE WROTE A BOOK AND IT GOT PUBLISHED! Some editor out there read her self-indulgent manuscript and thought “Yes! This is what my readers want! This will reel in those Twilight fans!”

Sad thing is, it probably will.

The challenge for today was to blog about a photo that makes me angry or sad, and this one image does both. The only thing that could possibly induce more disgust and frustrtion would be a shot of the full Jersey Shore cast. If ever an argument against “No Child Left Behind” existed, it’s this show and its fans. Shame on you for perpetrating idiocy. Screw you all.

And for anyone who feels that last bit was too harsh, let me say this:


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