Thirty Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Your Favorite Song
  2. Your Favorite Movie
  3. Your Favorite TV Program
  4. Your Favorite Book
  5. Your Favorite Quote
  6. Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
  7. A Photo That Makes You Happy
  8. A Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad
  9. A Photo You Took
  10. A Photo of You Over Ten Years Ago
  11. A Photo of You Taken Recently
  12. Tickle Your Fancy
  13. A Fictional Book
  14. An Actual Book
  15. A Fanfiction
  16. A Song That Makes You Cry
  17. An Art Piece
  18. Tickled Fancy with Sauce
  19. A Talent of Yours
  20. A Hobby of Yours
  21. A Recipe
  22. A Website
  23. A YouTube Video
  24. Fancy Tickled: A True Story
  25. Your Day, In Detail
  26. Your Week, In Detail
  27. Your Month, In Detail
  28. Your Dreams, In Detail
  29. Your Hopes for the Coming Year
  30. A Ticklish Facy

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One response to “Challenge!

  1. pretty cool…i hope you can keep it up…i’m not good about keeping my blog either…which reminds me…:) anyway, can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the world of galadri. later

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