Oh, the Cleverness of Me…

Yeah, not so much. I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours backing up and reformatting my harddrive. Still not fully back to normal, but it’s getting there. I can now open Facebook without having to wait ten minutes for the damn page to load.

I think it all happened when I downloaded a client patch to play a Windows dedicated MMO. See, I own a Macbook which won’t let me play Lord of the Rings from the comfort of my bed without stealing my husbands often crumb-covered and slightly greasy (I don’t want to know) Vaio.

So I began a hunt for a patch that would let me play LOTRO, Fable, Jade Empire and Mass Effect 1&2 on my Mac. What I got was a quickly uninstalled useless POS that didn’t work with either Bioware or Turbine produced games (what the hell?) and then began to suffer from Windows NT style lag and freezing. I swear I was living in terror of a blue screen! The worst part is that when Mac boots up, there is a period where you do get a blue screen as part of the process. I about wet my pants when I say it before realizing that was normal.

So, here I am with a fully reformatted computer and an external hard drive that only lets me access info, but not save to it from my Mac. Thank heaven I had about a million SD cards all buried in my purse. Yeah, I’m a little paranoid about running out of room on one with my camera craziness. So what?

All that by way of saying I failed to save the photos I had planned a fantastic blog around. Sorry. In consolation, revel in a Turian Batman. And those who claim Thane is more Batman than Garrus, I remind you the Drell was a freakin’ assassin! ¬†Garrus just got tired of red tape in fighting crime. So there!

Ah, Garrus. I'll always romance you. Test your reach!

If you haven’t played the game, don’t bother mocking me. I know.



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2 responses to “Oh, the Cleverness of Me…

  1. Harry Huff

    Have you looked at Bootcamp to run Windows?

    • I’ve thought about it, but the main deterrent there is the price of Windows. I have got a PC that I bought for gaming. It’s currently connected to my TV. The only problem is that I’m super lazy and keep wanting to play in bed. Oh, it’s a rough life, being me.

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