Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

There is a very real danger in cultivating the web. Not identity theft, though that is always a problem. No, I mean a very real and present danger in our everyday lives when we click on a link.


Yes, lurking around every virtual corner is a little slice of adorable deadliness trying to suck us into a web of awesome and awwwww. Don’t fall for it! When you see something like this:

Run. Run! RUN!! Don’t walk, just run. Don’t blink, they can see you! They can see you softening and about to chuckle or coo. Run! Lock your doors, bar your windows and bury your laptop in a drawer. Because if you aren’t careful, you’ll spend the next three weeks watching nothing but this:

and this:

Or worst of all, this:

God help us all…

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