Collection Agencies are Peopled by Morons

Okay, this is a rant as opposed to a proper post. Allow me to explain.

If you have one payment due per month, and in the course of two months you make three payments due to a change in the due date, would you expect a call saying you are overdue?

No. You might expect no bill for the next month, but that’s not what happened.

I have been informed that because my due date was changed in December and I made two payments in June, when my due date was changed again, and a payment for July which (because the due date was a Sunday) posted late that I needed to make an immediate payment.

After over fifteen minutes of trying to figure out how I am not only not ahead in payments but at the very least not on schedule with my payments, I finally got the retard of a woman to talk to someone higher up to determine that I’m paid up and on time and they can SUCK IT!


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