I’m As Jumpy As a Puppet On a String

It’s spring. The weather is warming up, there is a ton of rain and trees are beginning to bud with small delicate flowers and leaves. My right shoulder and knees are creaking and popping like a wooden ship at sea and I have an almost irresistible urge to start running (damn Pavlovian sports training!). What does all this mean? In the long run, not a whole lot to be honest. In the short term, however, it means that my cranky ennui (yes, I realize that that’s a contradiction in terms) is coming to a close. While I don’t suffer from SAD – seasonal affective disorder – I suffer from something similar: CWS.

Cold Weather Sucks.

This year my hatred of the cold hit me harder than it ever has before because while Northern California gets colder than Texas, it doesn’t snow like Vermont. Which means I got stuck in this weird rainy funk of a mood that is only now starting to melt away. I hated my job, I hated all my clothes, I gained about ten pounds putting me solidly over the 115 mark – which was the most I’d ever weighed. To be honest, I don’t mind carrying a few pounds more than I’m used to, it’s just that I know it’s all pizza and tacos. I haven’t put on any muscle and that is what is driving me batty now.

So to combat this funk, I’ve decided to buy some bubbles. Hear me out, there’s a point to this.

When you’re in a funk and all grouchy, the last thing you want to do is clean or exercise or go for a walk on the beach. You want to sit in the dark and escape into a movie or a video game so you don’t have to actively DO anything. Conversely, when you feel energized you get pumped and want to clean and run and jump. Okay, I admit those last two might just be me, but I think my point stands. Spring cleaning fever has hit and I’m gonna do it. With bubbles.

Whenever I’m at work and I start craving those candy bars that I stare at all day because some jackass put electronics right in front of the candy aisle (bastards) so all I smell is chocolate all day… Wait. What was I saying? Bubbles! Yeah! I’m going to buy two bottles of bubbles. One for work and one for home, that way, when the candy smell or boredom from standing there for three hours straight listening to the foreign students and their wives argue over how many watches to buy for all the sisters, cousins and daughters back home gets to be to much, I’m gonna take my break and go blow some bubbles. When I start craving the candy, or a soda, or a slim jim, I’m gonna go blow some bubbles. When I need a break from cleaning and scrubbing on my day off – well, you know.

I think that if I just get some bubbles that will force me outside, which will get me some much needed sunlight and like a tree in the spring I will start to look and feel more alive. It’s a known fact (at least for the hubby and me) that if I feel okay about my situation I’m much more likely to want to improve myself and the situation. It sounds strange, but think about it for a second.


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