There Should Be Midol for Posts

Reading through yesterday’s post I could totally see the need for Midol coming through my nearly incoherent ranting about work. Others may not see it, but I know it’s there. I also realized it sounded as though I intended to call in any effort I might make at work, but au contraire my little soft~D~ers…

One should always do their best at work. Do what you’re supposed to do. Do it when you are supposed to do it. Do it to the best of your ability. Kind of lame, I know, but a good work ethic to have.  Moving on.

Yesterday, before the posting and ranting, I had an awesome day. You saw the hair – which got all sorts of compliments today – but you didn’t see the cookies I bought.

Chocolate dipped oreos adorably decorated.

 The hair was really the highlight, although no highlights were done. Anyhoo…  I thought the cookies were super cute.



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2 responses to “There Should Be Midol for Posts

  1. Harry

    Quetha wants to know which is you and which is Ryan?

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