Been There, Bought the T-shirt…

I’m in no way at this point in my current job, but the following video from Cube News 1 is way too perfect not to share.

We’ve all been there. The horrible job, the ungrateful boss, the toxic environment due to increasing restrictions and “corporate policies” sent down from above. But what we have to remember is that nothing at work should affect us at home. This is my true response to Challenge Four: Transform Yourself. While I am approaching this in a long-term physical transformation through styling and appearance, the transformation I want to make is as much in attitude as in fashion. While today I went from this hair:

This was taken pre-coffee and I didn't have any other pictures of me with my hair down.

to this hair:

Why do I always look vaguely sleepy? I think my camera hypnotises me briefly.

the real trick is grasping that work Jenny is not daytime Jenny. Just as Barbie has multiple personas, so do I. The thing I have to figure out is how to keep work Jenny from affecting home Jenny. So this is the transformation I will work toward. What happens at work, I want to leave there. My job isn’t my life, it’s what I do to pay the car bill. What I’ve begun to realize is that I’ve always lived as though my job is my life, and therefore- even after I married – I’ve never really had a life outside work.

Enough. I am now reclaiming my life and my interests. I don’t care about laptops or TVs unless they belong to me. Who cares where the damned lightbulbs are if I’m not on the clock? I know it sounds a little callous- or maybe that’s just me – but there has to be a difference between a work ethic and a work-a-holic. I work retail. I can be replaced. I can replace my job if need be. I can’t replace my sanity or my relationship with my husband.

I invite you guys and gals to re-examine what you’re doing with your life. There’s nothing wrong with loving your job- I’ve had a couple fantastic gigs in my time- but there has to be balance. Are you balanced?


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