Challenge #2 was to dig through all my old stuff and post something that made me physically cringe. I didn’t want to spend three days digging through all my old journals and notebooks, and I was too lazy to type anything out in length, so I’m going to post a groaner from my “ideas” folder.

I keep a file of ideas and plots that pop into my head at random and I’m going to share one with you that will probably never never never (three times means I’m serious) be written.

Without further ado, I give you “Whispers of Cakes.” I have no idea why I called it that.

“American woman goes to Japan/China to help her younger sister (who is on a bachelorette vacation with friends) find the local cop who she spent a night with and got pregnant. Her first night there the young woman meets a cute man who turns out to be a cop and she figures out right away that he’s the cop and she decides that he should marry her sister.

The young cop had a one night stand with the younger sister the same night as a horrific murder. He was first on the scene and went out to try and drink the horror away when they realized that the murderer was going to get away because of diplomatic immunity. When he meets the older sister he is intrigued (his heart skips a beat) and wants to know her better. Upon discovering that she wants him to marry her sister because she is pregnant by him he freaks out.

The older sister continues to pursue the cop for her sister’s sake, despite the cop’s reluctance and the sister’s refusal. In constantly following the cop around she and he slowly fall in love through a series of narrow escapes and being caught in the rain once. The arrival of the younger sister’s fiancée throws everything into turmoil when he accidentally reveals that he had always wanted the older sister, and little sis and the cop think it was all a ploy by the older sis to get the fiancée.”


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