Why Can’t I Code?

I’ve spent the day looking at new themes for my site. I’m not even sure what to write half the time -and as a result posts are sporadic- but I do know what I want the site to look like. The problem?

I can’t code.

I’m no artist. I had a roomate who was an artist and when I was feeling creative I’d fingerpaint. Then she’d join me and my canvas looked like a retarded pre-schooler trying to impress Jackson Pollock. My mom was really nice, though, and hung mine up in her house. It was still there when she moved out.

The long and short of this is that even if I had the fanciest computer with the most amazing software, I’d be unable to make the site the way I want it.

So, I’ll treat this as a character building issue and keep rocking the pretty green. It really is an awesome design. I checked out the designer’s DeviantArt site and was super impressed with her gallery.


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