Finish What You Start…

Good advice and a fantastic work ethic. Unfortunately I can never seem to follow through on anything outside of work. This applies mostly to my “dream-job” plans. Novels are hard to write. They take a lot of work and planning. I know I can finish a story because I’ve done it. What concerns me is I don’t know how to do more than short-story length work.

It’s wierd. I know I’m capable, so what’s stopping me? Thoughts?


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  1. It took me ages to finish writing my first complete novel (6 years from beginning it before I finally wrote the climax). In that time I must have started hundreds of other stories that ended up pushed to the side or deleted. Finally I had enough and just told myself I was going to finish the story and I didn’t care if it was rubbish or not. Since then I’ve finished quite a few drafts of complete novles. It just seems to be getting over that block that tells you that once you finish it, you have to edit it and then possibly face rejection.

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